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A recent analysis of U.K. demographics compiled by the Higher Education Statistics Agency finds that Science, Technology, Engineering, And Math fields are commonly dominated by women.

But when it comes to fields that are more about basic research rather than helping people, things go the other way.

Medicine, veterinary fields, agricultural science, and life sciences are all dominated by women, with only dentistry showing near parity at 58 percent, while in more reclusive fields such as physical sciences women are only 43 percent. At the bottom of that list, computer science is a haven for men the way medicine is for women, where each is dominated by around 80 percent of one sex.

Overall, STEM fields as a group are 52 percent female.

Some remain concerned about the lack of women in computer science but in 2019 there is self-selection at work. It isn't like medicine was not once dominated by men as well but now they need an outreach program to recruit men so that men who visit a physician can meet with someone "like" them.

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